In No-deal Brexit could create meds supply chaos, warns report by Selina McKee – PharmaTimes on line (

8th November 2017

According to the UK Healthcare Distribution Association, “There is indeed a higher likelihood of an increased risk of medicine shortages in the UK in the short-term at least, as manufacturers adjust their forecasting, which is often undertaken well in advance of supply. This is because medicine distributors would no longer be able to import vital medicines from the rest of the EEA to service the changing, short-term needs of British patients.

“Moreover, without parallel imports the medicines supply chain will potentially become less resilient in the long term. However good demand forecasting is, there will always be unexpected supply issues, which, without parallel imports, will be harder to address as there will be no way of sourcing product from the EEA to cover the availability gaps.”

The loss of parallel trade would also mean the loss of the direct savings the mechanisms currently affords the NHS, which during the period 2004 – 2009 equated to 986.2 million Euros. “As a result, there is a distinct potential for price rises in NHS medicines as a result of the loss of parallel trade.”


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