Richard Freudenberg, CEO of EAEPC, reacts to the Romanian Minister Bodog's request to ban parallel trade of a long list of medicines:

The Romanian Minister Bodog's request to ban parallel trade is an attempt to cover up a failed national health policy. First of all without parallel trade, prices for pharmaceuticals in the EU would be much higher. A recent independent study on statins has proven this. Secondly the free movement of goods is the first of the four fundamental freedoms of the EU internal market. It is hard to understand that the Minister Bodog wants to undermine EU law for political purposes. The Council conclusions on strengthening the balance in the pharmaceutical systems in the EU and its Member States are clear. Other EU countries obviously do not share Minister Bodog’s opinion. The real cause of pharmaceutical shortages in Romania is the disastrous national health policy. Price cuts and claw-backs are the reasons for many manufacturers to withdraw thousands of products from the Romanian market."

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