On 14 February 2017, MEPs adopted in plenary the report on EU options for improving access to medicines drafted at the initiative of its Rapporteur, Soledad Cabezon Ruiz.

EAEPC welcomes this initiative and the MEPs consideration for the difficult issues of medicines supply and availability. EAEPC fully supports the MEPs call "on the Commission and the Council to formulate a better definition of the concept – and analyse the causes – of shortages of medicines, and, in this regard, to assess the impact of parallel trade and supply quotas, to establish and update together with the Member States, the EMA and relevant stakeholders a list of essential medicines which are short of supply, using the WHO list as a reference, to monitor compliance with Article 81 of Directive 2001/83/EU on shortages of supply, to explore mechanisms to address the withdrawal of effective medicines from the market purely for commercial reasons, and to take actions to remedy these shortages”.

EAEPC also notes with interest  the importance given in this report to the Public Service Obligation (PSO) as referred to in Article 81 of Directive 2001/83/EU. Drawing from experiences of members in receiving supplies, EAEPC regrettably can nothing but echo the statement according which […] in many cases, the PSO is not applied to manufacturers supplying the distributors, as indicated in a study commissioned by the Commission”.


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