Parallel trade in medicines is increasingly under scrutiny – and with it the cost-savings intra-EU trade in medicines provides to the healthcare systems and citizens of the EU.

The EAEPC is therefore delighted to invite you to this event where new studies analysing the effects of competition from parallel imports on medicine prices will be presented.

We will also exchange with those benefitting from the savings and hear the advise they would give to policy-makers on ensuring affordability of medicines.

Speakers will include:

- Mr Bendt Bendtsen, former Minister for the Economy, Deputy Prime Minister and MEP

- Mr Johan Waller, CEO Swedish Pharmacy Association

- Dr Pedro Posada, Associate Director NERA Economic Consultancy  

The discussion will be moderated by Mr Peter O'Donnell , journalist APM Health Europe 


During the event we will also reveal the new name and brand for our organisation

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