The EAEPC elects new President

The EAEPC, representing the parallel distribution of medicines sector in the EU, is delighted to announce the election of Mr Jörg Geller as new President at the occasion of the General Assembly of 21 November 2019.

Mr Geller succeeds Mr Richard Freudenberg, who has been President of the EAEPC since 2013. Mr. Freudenberg was warmly thanked by the whole membership for his tireless effort throughout all his years at the helm.

Mr. Geller is CEO of one of the EU’s largest parallel importers, Kohlpharma GmbH as well as member of the board of one of our German national associations, VAD. Mr. Geller has been member of EAEPC Board since 2015, and has taken an active role in the development and promotion of the sector both in Germany and in the EU.

Upon his election, Mr. Geller said; “In the last four decades parallel distribution has become more and more a significant player in the fight for better affordability of and thereby access to medicines all over Europe. Recent studies indicate that parallel distribution in the Single Market, as the only price competition in the field of patent protected and prescription pharmaceuticals, is the key to save patients and healthcare systems money. By working in parallel we simply offer the better deal”.

Mr. Geller then expressed his vision for the EAEPC moving forward; “Europe is facing both access and affordability problems like never before – in the coming years our sector will continuously show its value by importing into all Member States, proving savings and alleviating shortages for all Europeans”.

Kasper Ernest, EAEPC Secretary-General, first thanked Richard Freudenberg whose commitment along the years lead EAEPC and highlighted in particular his efforts to include parallel distribution in the scope of the Falsified Medicines Directive and the creation of the European Medicines Verification System.

Mr. Ernest then addressed the new President and commented “I am confident that Jörg will bring all his personal commitment to patients and his profound knowledge of the sector to the table, ensuring the best possible leadership our sector could hope for. All EAEPC members and I look very much forward to working for and with him”.


About EAEPC and Parallel Distribution

EAEPC represents Europe's licensed parallel distribution industry with members in 23 EEA countries, and more than 120 companies covering 85% of the EU market for parallel imports. The sector is an integral part of the European pharmaceutical market that adds value to society by introducing price competition for patented medicines and a supplementary layer of product safety. Parallel distribution has a market share of 2.5% of the total European medicines market.

Parallel distribution helps prevent price compartmentalisation of national markets. It uses the price differences in European Economic Area (EEA) to bring savings for national health systems and pharmacies. Savings from parallel distribution are not only direct by selling at a lower price than the originator, but there are also positive indirect effects coming from the reduction of the price of originators’ medicines due to competition from parallel imports.

For more information, please contact Kasper Ernest, Secretary General at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mobile on +32491255611.