Half a billion euro a year saves Europe from parallel imports, Bulgaria is lagging behind due to regulatory obstacles

Data was provided by the European Association of Euro-pharmaceutical Companies at BAMPTD Round Table on "Encouraging Parallel Imports of Drugs in Bulgaria", which took place in Sofia at 18thof September 2018

Parallel imports create competition on the drug market with a price effect benefitting patients and a quick solution to overcoming shortages. This became clear at a Round table dedicated to promoting parallel imports in Bulgaria. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Association for  Medicines Parallel Trade Development (BAMPTD) under the auspices of the European Association of Euro-pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC). Detailed results of shortage signals across the country were presented at the event. In 53% of cases, patients are looking for withdrawn products or medicines with discontinued imports, stated the BAMPTD CEO Boryana Marinkova quoting the interim results of BAMPTD drug shortage online platform. 20% are the cases closed with provided information where the medicine is available, and in more than 60% the senders are directed to their doctor. Signals refer to120 productsfrom altogether 182 signal for 63 months. Each author had received feedback within 24 hours, and the average time to complete a case was 32 hours. The first internet-platform for drug shortage signals works under a Memorandum of Understanding between BAMPTD and Federation of Bulgarian Patients' Forumto achieve a durable solution for medicinal products, expand access to medicines of guaranteed origin and quality from the European Union, modern methods of early detection of shortages, etc.

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