European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies

Parallel trade brings savings:

  1. It makes available original, innovative medicines at a lower cost. These savings have been quantified
  2. It provides both direct and indirect cost savings for social health insurance systems, other third-party payers, and consumers in the countries of supply
  3. It offers a European solution to member states' healthcare funding deficits

Parallel trade brings competition:

  1. It is the only form of competition to any specific medicine during the life of its patent
  2. It accelerates integration of the internal market and increases intra-Community trade
  3. It allows regulators to avoid implementing other more interventionist or market-distorting cost-containment measures
  4. It gives wholesalers, pharmacists and patients a choice


Parallel trade generates wealth:

  1. It creates new European businesses and new European jobs, often in economically-deprived regions
  2. It boosts the infrastructure for production and distribution in the countries of supply, as well as increasing foreign exchange earnings there
  3. It generates added-value and added tax revenues in Europe and increases the effectiveness of the market