European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies

Its main goal is to study and to promote the member's business sector and to contribute to the member's competitiveness by taking specific actions:

  1. Analyzing activities and initiatives in the areas of industry
  2. Providing members with relevant data and information that inform their decision making
  3. Offering a platform for member to network, raise knowledge and share expertise
  4. Carrying out studies and analysis to bring together the industry under specific commitment and joint actions to improve their competitiveness
  5. To promote and co-operate in the development of parallel trade as a means of completing the EU internal market, providing innovative medicines to all Europeans at affordable prices
  6. To co-operate with other associations that have similar or inter-related interests
  7. To ensure the acceptance of the Added Value provided by parallel trade
  8. To promote the application of the EAEPC Guidelines on Good Parallel Distribution Practices
  9. Monitoring policy initiatives at EU and international level, relevant for the industry, contributing with technical information, representing the industry vis-à-vis third parties and assisting in implementing legislation.

Through EAEPC, the industry increases its visibility and acts on emerging issues, making expert and constructive contributions on behalf of the industry. Its collective expertise provide a unique source of information both for and on the industry, coordinating essential exchanges of experiences and knowledge among its members, the ability to provide technical assistance to legislators and to identify independent expert on specific issue